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  Where is from YoVoyagin Operated

YoVoyagin is registered business in Australia having main office at Sydney, Australia. For smooth operations, we have operations office in Sri Lanka and Maldives.

  How YoVoyagin Assure the service quality of Hosts

We have verified identity, experience, licence and insurance need to deliver the service that has listed by our Hosts. You can find the verifications of all Hosts under host's personal profile page. On top of that, we maintain high level of code of ethics and we carefully monitor the adherence and feedback of each guests after a service is delivered. We also have a local office that you can contact in any help need while you are on field.

  What if Host does not Show Up?

Our hosts confirm the booking after you have made it. We also contact hosts at the time of confirmation to make sure everything is arranged up to the mark. We have a pool of capable hosts in case you need to change your hosts at any time.

  What if the Service or Space is not up to the Quality promised?

We have already verified physically all the places being listed and services to be delivered. We also have periodical monitoring process of quality of listings to match with actual delivery. In case you are not satisfied with the quality listed and delivered, you can contact our local representative and office for immediate resolution. In case of you are unable to come to an agreement, you are welcome to initiate complaint process with us.

  When I am supposed to Pay to whom?

Your payment must be made directly to YoVoyagin to make sure the quality of service being delivered and your safety. YoVoyagin is expected to be the gradian of your money till the service is delivered with our network of hosts. Your full payment is required before starting the experience to YoVoyagin account and we will settle Hosts upon successful delivery of service.

  How do you handle reservations and cancellations?

Once you have booked the service, we will give host 48 hours to confirm the booking. During this time we will call the host to make sure everything is arranged to welcome you and the confirmation is proper. Once Host confirm the booking, we share your phone contact details with Host.


Our Cancellation policy is as follows:


Cancelling a confirmed booking

Tour can be canceled more than 7 days before the tour/ check-in date, the guest will receive a refund after deducting platform guest fee of 10%.

If a Tour is canceled by the host, we will consult guest for either cancel the booking or transfer to another host for the same facility and quality. In this case, guest will receive a 100% refund. 

*This takes into account the starting time of the tour in the time zone of the Tour.

Same or less than 7 days bookings

If the booking was made for the same day or less than 7 days ahead, meaning the starting time is less than 7 days, in this case no refunds apply. Same like any cancellation within 7 days of starting time, no refund will be made.

Cancelling an unconfirmed booking

All bookings on request need to be confirmed by the host within 48 hours. If you cancel an unconfirmed booking within 48 hours, you will receive a full refund.

  Can I rate the Host?

You can Rate the Host on many aspects of the service upon completion of the service. Also you can read previous ratings of each service or space at the end of each service listing.

  How can I contact YoVoyagin?

You can contact us directly as follows:

Live Chat Live Chat


Contact Message Contact Us

Australia Office Sydney, Australia +61415396206

Sri Lanka Office Colombo, Sri Lanka +94705360360

Maldives Office, Male +9607715079

  Can I share my Contact details with host or contact beyond YoVoyagin?

The whole purpose of YoVoyagin is to protect the safety and make guests a plesent stay and get a satisfied experience. Once host has confirmed the booking we will share your contact details with Host.

You are not supposed to share your contact details or contact your host beyond YoVoyagin to protect your safty and makesure services are delevered to the quality listed and agreed. It is also very important that you communicate through YoVoyagin to have proper records of your communication in case of any complaint fo YoVoyagin to step in.

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Live Chat Live Chat


Contact Message Contact Us

Australia Office +61415396206

Sri Lanka Office  +94712402502

Maldives Office  +9607715079

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