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Yala National Park is the most visited and second largest national park in Sri Lanka, bordering the Indian Ocean. The park consists of five blocks, two of which are now open to the public and also adjoining parks. The blocks have individual names such as, Ruhuna National Park, and Kumana National Park or 'Yala East' for the adjoining area.

There are six national parks and three wildlife sanctuaries in the vicinity of Yala. Among the largest is Lunugamvehera National Park. Yala hosts a variety of ecosystems ranging from moist monsoon forests to freshwater and marine wetlands. Yala is best place to visit.

Climates of Yala

Situated in the dry zone of Sri Lanka, the climate in Yala is hot and humid. The mean annual temperature is around 27 degrees Celsius, but during the dry season, from May to October, temperatures may reach 37 Celsius. The rain often comes in short and intense bursts before clearing up again. The rainiest season is from November to January, when the north-east monsoon brings relief to the fauna and flora.

For the most reliable wildlife sightings, it's best to visit Yala in the dry season from February to June. With the water levels lower, it's easier to spot animals coming out to the lagoons to drink. The park normally closes each year for the month of September for maintenance.

Travelling to Yala

Yala has many tourism places and beautiful places to visit. Most popular place is Yala National park, has won many local and foreign attractions.  If you come for the vacation there are many hotels, Resorts, forests and so many Animals in Yala.  And so many activities to do for your enjoying. if you love animals , and you love photography, this is definitely a place to visit in sri lanka. You can get many more experience in here. Especially Yala is also a base for Safari,. 

Colombo to Yala   

The park is 979 square kilometers (378 sq. mi) in size and is 300 kilometers (190 mi) from Colombo. National park consists of five blocks. . It is situated in the southeast region of the country, and lies in Southern Province and Uva Province.

Top Attractions places to visit in Yala

The area around Yala has hosted several ancient civilizations. Two important pilgrim sites, Sithul Pahuwa and Magul Vihara, are situated within the park. If you are going on a trip to Yala you will be able to see many more places include historical places.

  • Buduruwagala
  • Okanda Devalaya
  • Kebiliththa
  • Sithulpawwa
  • Magul Maha Viharaya
  • Tsunami Memorial
  • Kataragama
  • Asokaramaya Buddhist Temple
  • Kalutara Bodhiya

Yala National Park

Yala national park is situated in Southern and Uva province in Sri lanka. This is the most visited national park in Sri Lanka. Yala was designated as a wildlife sanctuary in 1900, and, along with Wilpattu was one of the first two national parks in Sri Lanka, having been designated in 1938. The park is best known for its variety of wild animals. It is important for the conservation of Sri Lankan elephants, Sri Lankan leopards and aquatic birds.

Most popular place is Yala National park, has won many local and foreign attractions.It is the second largest national park in SriLanka. Here we can see many endemic animals of Sri Lanka. Include,

·        Birds

·        Mammals

·        Reptiles

·        Amphibians

·        Fish

·         Invertebrates

Many species of ancient animals can be seen in here.

Yala Jeep Safari

Yala Safari has become a major tourist’s attraction. You can get this experience with jeep. Then you will be able to experience the beauty of the surroundings. Behavioral patterns of animals can also be studied. Yala National Park has one of the highest densities of leopards, anywhere in the world. The leopard is also the top predator on the island. This lends it an air of confidence, which together with the open nature of the park's terrain, allows Leopard watching.

Yala Hotels

You will find many Yala  hotels are with modern amenities.

Yala Map

you can find surrounding areas in yala. hotels/resorts restaurants etc.

Yala | Sri Lanka

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Yala | Sri Lanka
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