Arugam Bay | Sri Lanka

Arugam Bay known locally as "Arugam Kudah", is situated on the Indian Ocean in the dry zone of Sri Lanka's southeast coast, and a historic settlement of the ancient Batticaloa Territory. Arugambay is located in Ampara District. The bay is located 117 kilometres south of Batticaloa, 320 kilometres  due east of Colombo, and approximately 4 kilometres south of the market town of Pottuvil.

Tourism in Arugam Bay is dominated by surf tourism, thanks to several quality breaks in the area, however tourists are also attracted by the local beaches, lagoons, historic temples and the nearby Kumana National Park.


Climates of Arugambay

The climate here is tropical in winter, there is much more rainfall in Arugam Bay than in summer. According to Köppen and Geiger, this climate is classified as As. In Arugam Bay, the average annual temperature is 27.4 °C | 81.2 °F. The rainfall here is around 1334 mm | 52.5 inch per year.

Traveling from Colombo to Arugambay

Arugam bay has many tourism places and beautiful, Eye-pleasing views, places to visit.Most popular place is Arugam Bay beach, has won many local and foreign attractions.  If you come for the vacation there are many hotels, Resorts, and so many activities to do for your enjoying. Arugam Bay is definitely a place to visit in sri lanka. You can get many more experience in here.

Top Attractions in Arugambay

The nearby Muslim village of Pottuvil is the center of commerce and transportation while tourist accommodations lie along the beach to the south of Pottuvil Arugam Bay  is also the gateway and the only road access to the Yala East National Park. This area is known as Kumana, to be reached via the Tamil/Sinhalese settlement of Panama and the Tamil shires at Okanda . The local area is home to a number of elephants, often travelling between Lahugala and Kumana national parks.


  •             Arugam Bay Beach.
  •      Muhudu Maha Viharaya.

Outdoor Activities in Arugambay


Arugam Bay is the most popular surf spot and is also the only international surf competition venue in Sri Lanka. It is also rated as one of the top ten surf destinations in the world. It has also hosted most of the international surfing competitions in Sri Lanka since 2004.

The best surf seasons for surfing the dry season and the best time to surf Arugam Bay is May to September. The best waves arrive in July, August, and September. More of the surrounding breaks are also working then due to the bigger swells. The winds are typically offshore in the morning, swinging onshore at lunch and dying off for the sunset surf. If you like surfing, you can learn about surf lessons,Guiding, photography and many more at a surf camp.

Lagoon Safari

Going on a 2 hour lagoon safari is one of the popular things to do in Arugam Bay. The beautyful untouched lagoons, Kottukal or Urani, Holds mny crocodils, elephants can be spotted, and other wildlife. Yala National Park is quite close to Arugam Bay and a pefect place tospot even more wildlife like leopards.

Climb up Elephant Rock

The Arugam Bay area owns many great bays, Elephant Point is one of those. Elephant Rock is located at the end of this bay and a great place to get up and have a view of the whole area. Getting there is not the most obvious road, the good part is that it only takes 20 minutes.

Kudumbigala Monastery

A monastery located in the middle of the jungle. Sounds great right? You will need about 45-minutes from Arugam Bay to get to the foot of the rock. The climb is not the easiest but you will have a view over the whole region..

See and help the fishermen

In the low season, the fishermen will be at the main beach every morning. Go check out how they weigh their catch of the day, which directly goes to the restaurants. And give them a hand to drag the boat on the beach.

Arugambay Beach

Lovely Arugam Bay, a moon-shaped curl of soft sand, is home to a famed point break that many regard as the best surf spot in the country. It's a tiny place, with a population of a few hundred, and everything is dotted along a single road which parallels the coast.

Slippers in Arugambay

The Arugambay is a fashionable rubber sandal made with Canvas Strap The strap is made by Organic canvas. 3 Layered comfort rubber footbed. It is finished with the famous Arugambay brand Logo at the toe.

Villas and Hotels in Arugam bay

Arugambay is a beautiful Area.If you re travelling to arugam bay you will find a large number of hotels with all the modern amenities in the area.


Arugam Bay | Sri Lanka

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Arugam Bay | Sri Lanka
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